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Picture your pet with its fluffy coat and big eyes looking at you expectantly. Who can say no to a love like this! In the pet industry for many years, we know the importance of wholesale pet grooming supplies. People love to groom their pets for a good look, and keeping them clean also helps their pets’ health.

As a top China pet supplies wholesale supplier, Brobopet has rich product resources and experience. Today we’ve put together a complete guide to wholesale pet grooming supplies for you. Let’s take a look!

wholesale pet grooming supplies

1. Types of Wholesale Pet Grooming Supplies

In order to meet the growing demand, various pet grooming products emerge in an endless stream. Here we divide these products into 5 types according to their usage. They are toiletries, combing tools, grooming tools, care products and special products.

1) Toiletries

wholesale pet grooming supplies

Pet toiletries are an important aid to keep pets clean and healthy, such as bath gloves, body wash, pet toothpaste, etc. The formula of bath liquid for pets is different from that for humans, because the pH value and structure of the skin of pets are different from that of humans.

Pet body washes are usually formulated in a mild formula without harsh ingredients to avoid irritation or an allergic reaction to your pet’s skin. When washing pets, pay special attention to the ingredients in the product.

Brobopet has a wide range of pet product, including pet bath gloves, pet bath brushes and more wholesale pet grooming supplies. Check out the latest products now, provide pets with a wonderful bathing process.

2) Combing Tools - Wholesale Pet Grooming Supplies

wholesale pet grooming supplies

Combs, brushes, grooming gloves, etc. Don’t underestimate these products. Combing tools are a vital part of wholesale pet grooming supplies.

Now some products are very ingeniously designed, such as grooming gloves, which can easily comb the hair while stroking pets; there are also some combs with automatic cleaning function, which is convenient for removing the hair on the comb, which greatly improves the practicality.

In addition, there are various types of combs for pets of different sizes and hair volumes, such as steel needle combs, fine tooth combs or cat tongue combs. This can better meet the individual needs of pets and keep their hair neat, tangle-free and shiny.

Brobopet – An experienced pet products supplier, we not only provide a range of quality wholesale pet grooming supplies, but also infuse them with a lot of cuteness and vitality. If you have purchasing needs, you can contact us at any time.

3) Beauty Tools

wholesale pet grooming supplies

Pet grooming tools, such as nail clippers, toothbrushes, ear cleaning swabs, etc. These tools are designed to perform nail trimming, oral hygiene and ear cleaning to keep pets tidy and healthy.

4) Nursing Tools

Pet skin cream, protective film spray, oral spray, etc. These tools are specially designed for the care and maintenance of pets. Some can nourish your pet’s skin and protect the coat; others can improve breath, inhibit the growth of oral bacteria in your pet, and help your pet maintain oral health.

5) Special Supplies

wholesale pet grooming supplies

Pet dyes, pet perfumes, etc. These products are not necessary, but it provides more options for personalized grooming of pets. However, when we choose wholesale pet grooming supplies, we need to pay attention to the quality and safety of the products to ensure the health and comfort of pets.

From pet grooming supplies to leashes, from pet toys to pet bowls, Brobopet’s products are tailor-made for pets. Whether you are a pet shop owner, professional groomer or importer of pet supplies, we have a product to suit your needs.

2. Four Tips for Wholesale Pet Grooming Supplies

Congratulations! After you have a preliminary understanding of the product, you have taken the first step on the road to wholesale pet supplies.

However, wholesale pet grooming supplies will still be more difficult than imagined. Below are some suggestions to help you make an informed decision and find the best products for your pet business.

1) Research the demand for pet grooming supplies

Understanding the grooming needs of different pets is crucial when wholesale pet grooming supplies. The hair type, body shape, and behavior of different pets can all affect the grooming tools needed.

Conduct market research and research to understand the needs and preferences of pet owners in order to provide a diverse selection of products. For example, for long-haired cats, provide brushes and combs suitable for grooming long hair; for pets with sensitive skin, provide mild bath products, etc.

As an experienced pet grooming supplier, we have stable cooperation with customers in many countries and understand local product trends. Find products that are hot selling in your country now!

2) Pet product quality control

High-quality pet grooming supplies are essential to your pet’s safety and comfort. When selecting a supplier, carefully review the material and manufacturing process of the product to ensure that the product meets quality standards.

Choose a reliable pet product supplier with a good reputation and satisfied customer reviews. They usually offer tested and proven products. At the same time, make sure that the price matches the product quality, and calculate the cost and profit to ensure that your business can continue to be profitable.

Or you can hire a China sourcing agent who can help you with all the Chinese import process, including testing product quality.

3) Packaging and logistics management

Packaging and logistics management are also key when it comes to wholesale pet grooming supplies. Well-designed packaging can attract customers’ attention and enhance product image. Consider using sustainable materials and eco-friendly packaging in keeping with modern consumer values.

At the same time, establish an efficient logistics management system, choose reliable transportation methods and tracking systems to ensure accurate delivery of orders.

4) Supplier inspection

Finding reliable pet product suppliers is key to building a successful pet supply business. It is recommended to look for a reputable and experienced pet product supplier. Evaluate suppliers’ supply chain capabilities, including product diversity, product cost performance, and supply stability.

Establish a long-term cooperative relationship and communicate with suppliers regularly to ensure that accurate goods are received on time. You can also participate in pet product fair and exchange activities, get in touch with more pet grooming suppliers and understand market trends, so as to provide more high-quality products to your customers.

Brobopet has been seeking long-term cooperation with customers and is committed to providing the best products and services. Your reliable partner in China.


We know your enthusiasm and desire for the pet products business, so we will do our best to support and assist you. Brobopet is looking forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you to provide you with high-quality products and professional services to help you achieve your goals. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us!

In addition, what we value more is your real love for pets. Only those who truly care about their pet’s well-being can truly appreciate the precious gift that pets give us – endless joy and gratitude. We encourage you to share this sincerity and care with us, to create a good time together, so that every pet can get the best care and love.


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