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Best China Pet Product Supplier

Brobopet is a top pet product supplier in China, established in 2014, belonging to Sellers Union Group, with 1200+ staffs. We have an showroom of 1000 ㎡ and a warehouse of 6000 ㎡.

In the highly competitive pet industry, further differentiation is undoubtedly very important. So on the basis of our rich pet products, we are still developing new products every month. As an experienced pet product supplier, we are proud to provide our clients with superior service and products that help them outperform their competitors.

Ready to grow your business further? Brobopet is here to help you! Once you get to know us better, you’ll understand why we are your best choice.

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Why Choose Us

Rich Product Series

5,000+ high quality novelty pet supplies at good price, delivered on time. Trusted pet product supplier, further enhance your competitive advantage

Support Product Customization

Whether you want to customize product design, color, logo or others, we can provide you with the best personalized solutions

200+ Satisfied Customers

Now we have established stable cooperation with 200+ wholesalers, retailers, etc. Annual sales exceeding 3.5 million

12+ Language Translation

We have dedicated English, Spanish and French teams. You only need to contact one supplier to meet all your needs, which can greatly save your time

Some Cooperative Clients

Some Cooperative Clients

Our Team

Committed to creating the best life for pets

Our success is inseparable from the philosophy we have always had. Just like our brand name, we think that pets are our intimate partners, embrace and enter the pet world, and pay attention to listening to the needs of pets: health, comfort, and happiness. And many of our staffs are pet lovers with professional product knowledge. Our products are also designed based on the needs of pets.

pet product suppliers

Products Collection

We collect the latest trends every day, and strive to be a one-stop solution for pet needs

Tell Us What You Need

We are here to listen to you and your needs. Just provide your details below, we will contact you within 12 hours.