How to Find a Quality Chinese Pet Clothes Manufacturer

The comfort and health of pets is one of our top concerns. Dressing pets is not only an expression of fashion and cuteness, but also a concern for pet health and protection. When it comes to wholesale pet clothes from China, it’s crucial to find a reliable pet clothes manufacturer.

Whether you are running a pet store, or an importer of pet supplies, this article will provide you with some practical advice, help you find the most suitable pet clothes manufacturers in China. Let’s discover together how you can stand out in the pet fashion space and bring your customers quality and unique pet clothing.

1. Pet Clothes Market Research and Surveys

Conducting market research is a critical first step before searching for pet clothes manufacturers. Understanding market trends, product demand, and competition can help you better assess the suitability of a pet clothes manufacturer.

As a China pet supplies wholesale supplier with many years of experience, we have abundant products resources. And every year, we continue to explore new trends and develop new products.

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2. How to Get Quality Chinese Pet Clothes Manufacturer Resources

1) Pet Supplies Related Fair

There are many pet clothes manufacturers and suppliers at China fairs. Not only can you directly see the samples quality, but also have a preliminary understanding of pet clothing manufacturer in the process of contacting. This is a very efficient opportunity to gain access to quality pet clothes manufacturer. The following are some of the famous pet products fairs in China:

– China International Pet Products Exhibition (CIPS):
One of the largest and most influential pet products exhibitions in Asia. Attracted pet products manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world to participate in the exhibition. If you are looking for pet clothes manufacturer in China, you can go to this fair.
Official website:

– China International Pet Expo (PIAC):
One of the largest pet industry exhibitions in China, covering pet supplies, pet food, pet medical care and other aspects. Here you can also fine many quality dog clothes manufacturer.
Official website:

– China (Shanghai) International Pet Products Fair (PET Fair Asia):
One of the largest pet products exhibitions in Asia. Every year, it attracts pet industry professionals from all over the world to visit and display the latest products and technologies. Of course, many pet clothes manufacturers are also included.
Official website:

– Guangzhou International Pet Products Exhibition (GPE):
The pet products exhibition in Guangzhou area, displaying all kinds of pet products and related services. You can comminicate with pet clothes manufacturer face to face at the fair.
Official website:

As a pet clothing manufacturer that keeps up with trends,  Brobopet also participates in many fairs every year. For example, at the Canton Fair in China, we established stable contacts with many new customers and gained their trust. If you are interested in participating in the Canton Fair, you can contact us to help you arrange the itinerary.

2) China Wholesale Market

With the liberalization of China’s entry policy, more and more businessmen go to China in person to find high-quality suppliers.

Wholesale markets in China are open all year round. If you want to find a lot of pet clothing suppliers at once, China’s wholesale markets are definitely an ideal choice. Among them, Guangzhou’s “Wuyang New City” Pet Products Wholesale Market and Yiwu Market are two highly regarded locations.

These marketplaces bring together numerous pet supplies manufacturers and suppliers, and you can communicate with them directly and choose the right product. It should be noted that not all shops in the market are manufacturers. If you are looking for China pet clothes manufacturer, judgment and screening are required, ensure you are approaching the direct manufacturer.

Because the Yiwu market is very large, many importers will choose to cooperate with professional Yiwu sourcing agent. Whether you want to wholesale dog clothes, pet leashes, pet toys or other pet supplies from China, they all can help you save time and cost, and quickly find reliable suppliers.

3) B2B Platform

If you don’t have that much time to visit China, you can try to search for “pet clothing” on some B2B platforms. Such as Alibaba, Global Sources and so on. There are numerous Chinese pet clothes manufacturers and suppliers. You can contact them directly on the platform, or obtain their other contact information for further communication. This saves you time and makes it easier to connect with potential pet clothes suppliers.

4) Search Engine

For example, enter keywords such as: China pet clothes manufacturer, China pet supplies wholesale, pet product supplier, etc. You can find the official websites of some pet product suppliers. On these websites, you can learn about their products, manufacturing capabilities and business conditions, and get their contact information. Judging their trustworthiness carefully to make sure you are dealing with a reliable pet clothes manufacturer.

Before choosing a partner, it is recommended to communicate and compare with multiple pet clothes manufacturers. Find out about their product quality, price, production capacity and cooperation conditions, etc., to ensure that they can meet your needs and expectations.

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With many years of professional experience, we have helped many clients import pet supplies from China and further develop their business. If you are interested in cooperating with us, please contact us.

3. Key Points for Investigating China Pet Clothes Manufacturer

1) Quality Certification

Whether have quality certification is the key condition to judge whether high-quality pet clothes manufacturer.
Common pet clothing quality certifications include: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OEKO-TEX®, CPSIA certification, REACH certification, GOTS certification, SGS certification, etc.

The two most important certifications are: ISO 9001 and OEKO-TEX®.
ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification:
ISO 9001 is an international standard. It ensures that the organization follows a strict quality management system in the provision of products and services. This certification is important to ensure that pet clothes manufacturer have a high level of quality management and product consistency.

OEKO-TEX® standard certification:
OEKO-TEX® is an international standard for testing and certifying the safety and environmental protection of textiles. This certification ensures that the materials and production process of pet clothing meet environmental protection requirements and exclude substances that are harmful to pets and the environment.

Over the years, we have always paid attention to product quality, and have relevant certificates, and are committed to providing a safe and happy living environment for pets. Contact us today for quality pet supplies!

2) Production Capacity and Technology Level

The production capacity and craftsmanship level of pet clothes manufacturer directly affect product quality and delivery time.

Understanding manufacturers’ production capabilities includes their production equipment, production scale, and capacity levels. This will help you judge whether they can fulfill high-volume orders on time and ensure a steady supply of products.

In addition, it is also very important to know the level of craftsmanship of the pet clothes manufacturer. The process technology and production process they adopt directly affect the quality and appearance of the product. For example, do they adopt advanced sewing technology and fine tailoring process, and whether they have a strict quality control system to ensure that each product is up to standard.

3) Refer to Word of Mouth and Evaluation

You can get an idea of a China pet clothes manufacturer’s reputation, service quality, and customer satisfaction by checking out their regular customer reviews and feedback.

4) China Pet Clothes Manufacturers Customer Service

In the process of talking to them, you need to understand the pet clothing manufacturer’s customer service level, including communication skills, after-sales service and problem-solving ability.

Many of our staff can speak English and Spanish proficiently, ensure a better understanding of customer needs. And with rich experience, we can provide you with the best service. Get a Reliable Pet Product Supplier now!

5) Minimum Order Quantity and Customization Ability

Find out about the MOQ requirements for pet clothes manufacturer and whether they offer customization to meet your specific needs.

6) Price and Delivery Time

When comparing different pet clothes manufacturers, not only pay attention to the price, but also make sure that the manufacturer can deliver on time and provide reasonable after-sales service.

In China’s pet supplies wholesale industry, we have a complete supply chain. Whether it is product quality, delivery or professional staff, we can provide the best experience.

4. Ways to Make Sure China Pet Clothes Manufacturer Meet Your Criteria

1) Communication

It is very important to establish a good communication and cooperative relationship with dog clothes manufacturers. Make sure they understand and accommodate your request and are able to respond to your questions in a timely manner. Good communication ensures smooth cooperation between you and the manufacturer.

2) Sample Evaluation

Pet clothes manufacturer is required to provide samples. By inspecting the samples yourself, you can assess the quality, workmanship and detail of the products, ensuring they meet your expectations and standards.

3) Visit Pet Clothes Manufacturer

If possible, visiting the pet clothes factory in person is the best way to get detailed information and visual impression. By visiting the factory, you can understand the production environment, equipment status and employee quality, so as to better evaluate the pet clothes manufacturer’s ability and reliability.


Through comprehensive evaluation, you can choose the pet clothes manufacturer that best suits your needs and lay a solid foundation for your pet supplies business. You can also contact us directly to get the best one-stop pet supplies shop.


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