8 Reliable Dog Toy Manufacturer in China

We have many years of experience in the pet industry, and today we have compiled 8 professional dog toy manufacturers in China.

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1. Petfond Dog Toy Manufacturer China

Petfond is a dog toy manufacturer established in 2017, headquartered in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. They focus on producing TPR material dog toys and quickly become one of the most popular brands in China.

Taizhou Petfond focuses on product innovation and is committed to producing attractive pet toys. They make their toys using high-quality materials and keep their prices reasonable. Whether it is beautiful appearance, high quality or affordable price, Taizhou Petfond manufacturer can meet your needs.

Whether your pet likes to chew, chase, or make noise, experience dog toy manufacturer – Taizhou Petfond has the right toy selection.

2. Brobopet - Trusted Dog Toy Manufacturer

As a China pet supplies manufacturer, Brobopet is committed to meeting the needs of all kinds of pets. Their product line includes pet beds, pet bowls, pet leashes, dog toys and more.

Brobopet pays attention to product quality and safety. They choose high-quality materials and go through a strict quality control process to ensure that the products are safe and reliable.

In terms of design, Brobopet focuses on innovation and interactivity. Their products are beautifully designed with pets in mind. For example, the unique scratcher design can attract cats’ attention and satisfy their scratching needs. And stimulating dog toys provide exercise and intellectual stimulation to keep dogs active and happy.

Pet supply merchants have nothing but praise for Brobopet. They believe that these products can meet the needs of pets and bring happiness and comfort to pets. Brobopet is always committed to providing pet owners with the best product choices, becoming a trusted pet products manufacturer.

If you’re looking for high-quality, innovative and reliable dog toy manufacturers, just contact brobopet.

3. Eastpet Toy Manufacturer

Orient Pets is a famous China dog toy manufacturer in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, focusing on the production of environmentally friendly and bite-resistant dog toys.

As a well-known manufacturer of dog toys, Oriental Pets focuses on product quality and sustainability. The dog toy manufacturer use eco-friendly materials, ensuring that the products are safe for pets and the environment. Tested for bite resistance, their dog toys can withstand chewing and playing with pets, providing a long-lasting lifespan.

Oriental Pets’ wide range of products includes dog toys of all shapes, sizes and materials. They are dedicated to designing and manufacturing products that are innovative and entertaining.

Through an extensive sales network and partners, they provide high-quality pet supplies products to the world.

4. Green Pet Care Manufacturer

Green Pet Care is one of the leading pet toy manufacturers in China. They focus on cat and dog toys, and are guided by customers’ needs, providing high-quality pet toys and other related products. Their product supply covers European, North American and Southeast Asian markets.

Green Pet Care is always committed to establishing a good cooperative relationship with customers and achieving development goals together. Green Pet Care’s main products include cotton rope glitter transparent toys and hollow chew toys.

These toys are uniquely designed to be attractive and provide the entertainment and chewing experience your pet needs.

Providing pets with safe and interesting toys is the greatest wish of pet owners. If you want to wholesale high-quality pet toys, you can contact us–we will be your reliable manufacturer!

5. Jixiang Dog Toy Manufacturer China

Headquartered in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, Jixiang Dog Toys is a manufacturer focused on designing and producing high-quality, innovative dog toys.

They use safe and harmless materials and conduct rigorous testing to ensure that the toys are safe for dogs to use. In addition, Jixiang dog toys continue to innovate and introduce novel designs and functions to meet the needs and preferences of different dogs.

Whether it is for exercising the dog’s body, providing entertainment, or satisfying the dog’s chewing needs, Jixiang dog toys can meet various needs. Their products are designed to enhance the quality of life of dogs and bring fun and satisfaction to dog owners.

Through safe and reliable design and excellent customer service, Jixiang dog toys manufacturer have become the first choice brand trusted by dog owners.

6. Quleyuan Dog Toy Manufacturer China

Quleyuan is a dog toy manufacturer located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. The dog toy manufacturers’ products undergo strict quality control. Quleyuan’s products have attractive features, such as designs that interact with pets, color or sound effects that stimulate pets, and provide intellectual challenges of different levels of difficulty, etc. These features satisfy the pet owner and stimulate the pet’s interest in these toys.

Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of resources for pet products, including dog toys. Contact us now, get the latest product quotation.

7. Aiwan Dog Toy Manufacturer China

As a doy toy manufacturer located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, it is committed to providing high quality and safe products. They use durable and eco-friendly materials to ensure the durability and reliability of the dog toys. In addition, they also pay attention to the safety of dogs, ensuring that the toys have no sharp edges or fragile parts to reduce potential dangers.

Aiwan has a very rich product line of dog toys, such as chew balls, knot toys, stuffed toys, smart toys, etc. Their toys are designed to provide entertainment and exercise to stimulate intelligence and vitality in dogs.

Whether it is a small dog, a medium dog or a large dog, iwan dog toys manufacturer provide a product selection suitable for dogs of different breeds and ages. In addition to creative and diverse products, iwan dog toys also pay attention to communication and cooperation with customers.

8. Saigao Dog Toy Manufacturer China

This is a dog toy manufacturer in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Focus on producing high-quality, safe and reliable China dog toys.

Saigao pays attention to product quality control, and is committed to R & D and innovation, and constantly improves product design to provide better user experience and lifespan. In addition, Saigao also attaches great importance to communication and feedback with customers to understand their needs and opinions.


As people pay more attention to and take care of their pets, the pet toy market will continue to expand. Therefore, the gradual emergence of more pet product manufacturers is also the trend. We sincerely look forward to the further development and innovation of the pet toy market in the future.

If you want to wholesale pet supplies from China, welcome to contact us.


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